From “I” to "We”: The Time of the Person. The Origins of a People.

Brooklyn Madonna by Paul Raphael Meltsner, American artist, 1930.Fr. Peter CAMERON, O.P., Editor-in-Chief of Magnificat, engages Fr. Julián CARRÓN, President of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, on this year's New York Encounter theme.

What is the person? Who are we, really? What can allow the person to “happen”, and last, in all of his/her full stature?

“It is impossible to believe on our own. Faith is not simply an individual decision which takes place in the depths of the believer’s heart, nor a completely private relationship between the "I" of the believer and the divine "Thou", between an autonomous subject and God. By its very nature, faith is open to the "We" of the Church; it always takes place within her communion.

(Pope Francis, Lumen Fidei)