Past Displays: 2012

"At the Heart of  New York Encounter"

In a letter to Pope John Paul II on the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of Communion & Liberation, Msgr. Luigi Giussani described what was at the center of both his life and the life of the movement he founded in this way:

“Not only did I not intend to ‘found’ anything, but I believe that the genius of the movement that I saw coming to life lies in having felt the urgency to proclaim the need to return to the elementary aspects of Christianity, that is to say, to the passion of the Christian fact as such, in its original elements, and nothing more.”

This same passion for the Christian fact lies at the heart of New York Encounter.

This year, an area of the Manhattan Center will be devoted to documenting the life of Msgr. Giussani and Communion and Liberation. There, New York Encounter participants will witness some of the cultural and charitable initiatives born from the life of CL and, if interested, will find information on how to get involved with this charism.


AVSI-USA is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 in New York which shares the vision and method of AVSI, an international organization dedicated to supporting human development in developing countries with a focus on education, according to Catholic social teaching. AVSI-USA’s booth was part of a greater effort to communicate all the richness of the AVSI network to the U.S. public, with attentive openness to every possibility of working together with a diverse range of supporters, collaborators and institutions, offering them an opportunity to express their solidarity with others around the world and to further AVSI’s mission. At the New York Encounter, AVSI-USA was particularly active in sharing AVSI’s response to the January 12th, 2010 earthquake in Haiti and receiving an outpouring of support from the NYE participants.


The Entrepreneur Group is a Companionship of businesses building enterprises to help people get back to work. (Team Service USA received the 2012 INDIANA EDGE Award for creating over 100 new jobs in 2010-11.)  Our friendship and desire to help each other in our work and with each other's businesses has generated our first initiative: Matching.

Matching is a PLACE within New York Encounter where businesses are matched to each other based on types of services or products needed, and introductions to potential clients are made.

Businesses wishing to participate need to complete a simple survey by January 5, 2012.  The survey identifies business contacts, the nature of the business, the types of services or products sought, and types of services or products desired as a client. This survey will be made available to other businesses within our Companionship.

Meetings and appointments will be scheduled for participant businesses so that information can be exchanged and new business can be developed.

THERE IS NO COST FOR MATCHING.  However, businesses are responsible for their own travel, lodging, sustenance, and sundries during the Matching.

For more information or to receive a survey, please email Mike Eppler, Paolo Fasana or Riro Maniscalco


Euresis is an association of scientists that aims at communicating state-of-the-art fundamental results of research, and at highlighting the original value of scientific culture to a vast public. Euresis’ initiatives start from the intuition that contents and methods of science must be accessible to the whole society. Curiosity for what is real and wonder for what science discovers are of extreme interest for everybody.

The exhibit “The Earth: a Human Habitat,” presenting the exceptional features of our planet, is available, and was on display at the New York Encounter 2010. You can contact us to arrange for the exhibit to be displayed in colleges, high schools, parishes and other environments. The authors, and other people involved with Euresis USA, are available for events related to the display of this exhibit.

A few slide-show presentations that express “in action” the purpose of Euresis are available for public events with an audience of adults and/or high school students: “Journey to the center of Matter”, and “The Religious Sense and scientific research” by Dr. Giorgio Ambrosio, Fermilab; “Wonder at the origin of scientific inquiry” by Dr. Massimo Robberto, STSI; and “An Earth for Human Beings” by Dr. Maria Elena Monzani, SLAC.

For more information about Euresis’ activities in the US, please contact us at


Los Angeles Habilitation House, Inc. (LAHH) offers employment and career opportunities to persons with mental and physical disabilities with particular attention to our returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan. LAHH delivers contracted services in the janitorial and light duty industries, allowing employees with disabilities to choose from a menu of employment services and career development.


The MedConference is an annual three-day medical conference for physicians, nurses and students. The organizers of this conference desire to provide a meeting place where health care professionals come to dialogue to rebuild a person-oriented medical care. The 2011 MedConference will take place on October 21-23 at Hamilton Park Hotel, Florham Park, NJ. For more information contact us at For pictures and transcripts from the 2009 and 2010 MedConferences go to: and 


WorkCenter is a nonprofit association of professionals and business people from different backgrounds, working in both the public and private sectors. Together, we share the desire to help one another discover the meaning of our work in all the challenges we face. WorkCenter promotes collaboration and help among its members. It aims at facilitating the optimal development of human and economic resources. WorkCenter's objective is to enhance the creativity of the individual person through a network of relationships, which are defined by a recognition of the dignity and value of each member

Members of the WorkCenter provide mutual support in the following areas:

  • Helping in the preparation of job interviews,
  • Mentoring in rethinking career paths,
  • Providing professional contacts starting from our own professional network,
  • Reviewing CVs and Resumes,
  • Organizing meetings and seminars on networking as well as financial management issues,
  • Organizing lectures and seminars with professionals and sharing experiences which may help to guide the personal development.