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Videos are now available for NYE 2013

Videos for the events are now available here.

Videos can also be found under the indiviudal schedule entries. Please watch and share!


Radio Interview with Vitaliy Kuzman

From News Talk Radio 77WABC am: "Join Rabbi and Deacon as they welcome Vitaliy Kuzman of Communion and Liberation will be here to tell us about an upcoming event at the Manhattan Center called New York Encounter..."

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Charles Ives: Power, Beauty and...Insurance?

Event preview: America's Longing for Freedom by Ellynore Florendo Try to imagine a symphony that captures the raw tumultuous energy of Manhattan, the power of it, the brevity of it, the soaring trumpets and the fistfuls of piano. Through this cacophonous music there is the reflection of the paradox of life itself - the chaotic feel and the dissonance combined with the unmistakable sense that through this tangled mess of sounds, if one is attentive, there is a direction for all of it. Through the music one senses life is not a meaningless mess of unconnected noises or innovation for the sake of innovation but rather life is in fact being guided by a brilliant composer. That is the genius of Charles Ives' music. And his life is the picture of a new creation that is entirely original, endlessly vivacious, and inspired by the gift of faith!

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What is the New York Encounter?